fish ribadesella


Company founded in 1926 by the marriage: Victorian Gutierrez and Hope covielles despite and his sons: Maximilian, Manuel, Victor and Jose Luis. Starting first by lowering the packages in the rail, hence the nickname that would stay and who carry with pride of Carretos. In 1934, became the owner of a shabby, run-a truck carrying fish purchased in the rula Ribadesella.



On the other side of the port Pontoon in the towns of Riaño, Sabero, Cistierna, Sahagun de campos, and Valencia de Don Juan, there are still people who remember the marriage riosellano and their children.
The journey continued for several days, and before the ice for them to gain ground, the salt was the item used to preserve the products of the sea.



The third generation of sellers of fish of the family Gutiérrez formed by the cousins Peter and Victor, it was a forced in Ribadesella. Today, Paula, Peter and Luisma, great-grandchildren of the original Victorian and Hope, continue the legacy thereby becoming the fourth generation.



The ancient books of accounting that still treasures the family Gutiérrez should be considered relics of the commercial activity riosellana. In one of the books and worn sheets corresponding to pay bills brought prices that would pale to the greater of the policy experts-inflationary in terms of fish and eels were referred to.